Malachite Earrings and Necklace

Handmade beaded neckalce shaped like a convex semicircle  was created Beadfairy original design to highlight the tribal/ boheminan/ethnic/ hippie style.
It is made of natural materials (semiprecious stones) whose texture highlights the beauty of the necklace and makes it unique.
The time required for manufacturing the set was approximately 2.00 hours of work.
The necklace  is made to be worn on base of the neck, it is lightweight, flat, flawless, with identical design on both sides and the beads are sewn with resistant nylon thread, therefore there is no risk of breaking apart;

  • Toho glass beads, sizes: 2-4mm, color: red and black;
  • Semiprecious stone beads: malachite, size: 4-8mm, colors: green variations and obsidian beads, size: 4mm, color: black;
  • Semicircle Medalion length =5.2 cm (2.04 inch) and String length = 18cm
  • Semicircle Earrings length =3.7cm (1.45inch), height: 4cm (1.57inch);
The price is available on request. Please e-mail at or a Facebook message at BeadfairyBeadwork with the name or the link of the selected product.

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