Deep Purple Talisman

This unique pendant is a handmade beaded long neckalce shaped like a chandelier with fringes and it was created by my original design to highlight the boho / ethnic / hippie style. 
The time required for manufacturing the piece was approximately 1.45 hours of work.
The pendant is lightweight, flat, flawless, with identical design on both sides and the beads are sewn with  resistant nylon thread, therefore there is no risk of breaking apart;
Toho glass beads, sizes: 2-4mm, color: fuchsia pink, curry yellow, green, black;
Firepolish beads, size: 4mm, color: green;
Semiprecious stone beads:  multicolor howalite, size 10-15mm, color: fuchsia( purple-pink);
Medalion: 4.50 x13.50cm (1.77x5.31")
String length ~40cm (15.74")

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